Our Services
native speakers

We provide native speakers and expatriate teachers to support Indonesian students and professionals to talk better in English and be more confident in communication. 

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bilingual programmes

We provide Bilingual Programmes for Math and Science learning English supported by Native Speakers and Expatriate teachers.  This will encourage students to use English in wider contexts for their future.

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ENGLISH Assessments

We prodvide International English  Assessments to support leaners to learn English step-by-step so they will know their progrss. Most best schools and institutions worldwide apply international Assessments to support them. 

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Overseas Study & Trip

We provide overseas studies and trips to support students to practise their English in real-life communication. The more you practise, the better you will be. 

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Online learning

We provide online learning classes to support students to work from home. This will give opportunity to students to still improve their English while they have to stay home. 

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